World-Class Care When You're Not There

Corrine Messenger, Pet First Aid/CPR Certified Sitter

Worried about your pets when you’re working, traveling, or running errands? Let the professional pet sitter from W.C. Pet Care take care of your furry friends. I provide in-home pet sitting and dog walking services to clients in and around Agawam, Massachusetts. Whether it is a cat, dog, fish, or horse, you can trust that I will give the tender loving care they require while you are away. Get in touch with me for inquiries.

Advantages for Your Pet

Reduced Stress

Your pet gets to feel comfortable and secure in the familiar environment of your home.

Diet and Exercise

Custom diets and exercise routines are observed without any interruption that could upset your pet.

No “Travel Trauma”

Traveling in a vehicle to a relative’s home, boarding facility, or kennel can upset your pet.

Health Concerns 

Exposure to the illnesses of other animals will be minimal with my services.

Tender Loving Care

Your pet receives love and personal attention while you are away.

Advantages for You


You won’t experience the inconvenience of having to transport your pet.

No Imposition

You won’t have to ask a friend, neighbor, or relative to take care of your pet.


Crime deterrent services will make your home more secure.

Peace of Mind

While you’re away, you will feel confident that your pet is in capable, caring hands.

Special Services

I can provide additional home services while caring for your pet, including watering plants and bringing the mail inside your house.